Marketing Daily
Thursday, December 22, 2016
  • #WellYesMoment Campaign Launches Campbell's 'Clean' Canned Soup

    Campbell has timed the launch of its line for the New Year, with a campaign that suggests making small, healthful daily choices rather than … Read the whole story

  • Lincoln Sends McConaughey To Iceland

    Ford Motor Co.'s Lincoln division is breaking a new spot for its flagship 2017 Continental on New Year's Eve featuring actor Matthew McConaughey in … Read the whole story

  • AT&T Brings Santa To Facebook Live

    The program is part of AT&T's loyalty program called AT&T Thanks. It was devised as a way to thank loyal customers in a way … Read the whole story

  • Mercedes-Benz Offers Google Assistant Integration

    Mercedes-Benz will offer the integration of the Google Assistant on Google Home, a voice-activated personal assistant that makes it possible to interact with the … Read the whole story

  • WHITE64 Opens Holiday Motor Division (Ho Ho Ho)

    Every year, WHITE64 conjures up a company holiday project for which the independent full-service shop itself is its own client. This year. the agency … Read the whole story