Marketing Daily
Tuesday, December 27, 2016
  • Brands Will Be Less 'Branded' In 2017

    It's no longer enough to be human. It's increasingly necessary for brands to appear flawed, unpredictable, naive, and even strange, Brand Union's Sam Becker ... Read the whole story

  • Gillette Welcomes Consumers Back To Brand

    "The passion of the people coming back is powerful," Gillette's Barbara Diecker. "There's nothing more powerful than guys telling other guys why they came ... Read the whole story

  • Enterprise Driving Message To NHL, March Madness With Kristen Bell

    Bell will star in a series of humorous spots which Enterprise will break during such events as the outdoor NHL Centennial Classic (Jan. 1) ... Read the whole story

  • Smirnoff Targets Millennials With Campaign That Celebrates Diversity

    Initially the effort, created with Circus Marketing and called "We Are Open" will run only in Mexico, but the campaign is designed in a ... Read the whole story