Marketing Daily
Wednesday, March 29, 2017
  • Cheetos Debuts Spring 'Fashion' Line

    Blogs (including are encouraging readers to vote for the Cheetos spring line item that they like best and share it on social with … Read the whole story

  • Food Brands Make Final Four In 'Brand Bracket'

    Ranked by social following, each brand competes based on actual social engagement throughout the tournament. Read the whole story

  • Amazon Expands Grocery Pickup Tests

    With no minimum on order size, users simply pick out groceries, select a pickup time, and then cruise into the location, where an Amazon … Read the whole story

  • Let's Be Frank: MLB Names Nathan's As Official Hot Dog

    The company said it would soon unveil marketing, including a sweeps to "grant one lucky dog the chance of a lifetime," as well as … Read the whole story

  • Consumers Gravitate Toward 'Classic' Brands

    "Especially appealing to Millennials, we see these types of brands ... great at demonstrating their brand purpose," Reputation Institute's Allen Bonde tells "Marketing Daily." Read the whole story

  • Social Media And Word Of Mouth: 2 Ecosystems That Must Be Mastered

    How well does the social media tip of the iceberg reveal what is a much larger conversation happening in real life? Read the whole story