Marketing Daily
Wednesday, July 19, 2017
  • Ketchup On A Hot Dog? Never. But 'Chicago Dog Sauce' Is OK

    Heinz spent an afternoon enticing Chicago consumers with hot dogs topped with its new "Chicago Dog Sauce" made from ripe tomatoes and a special … Read the whole story

  • Lexus Partners With Marvel To Showcase LC 500

    Lexus also teamed with Marvel Custom Solutions to create an original graphic novel. The collaboration is being coordinated by Lexus' multicultural advertising agency, Walton … Read the whole story

  • Target Fires Up Pep Squad For Back-to-School Rally

    Target, looking to be aggressive with new private-label brands, is cheering parents on with its new back-to-school campaign.  The new effort, “Ready.Set.Prep,” is from … Read the whole story

  • Radio Flyer Celebrates 100th Birthday

    "Through the video, we are saying 'thank you to Radio Flyer fans for letting us be part of their past, present and future," Radio … Read the whole story

  • The Match Game: Cookie Syncing Is So 1995

    A simple strategy would be to complement cookie syncing with server-to-server de-duplication between disparate cookie-pools. Read the whole story