Marketing Daily
Tuesday, March 13, 2018
  • Marketers Want Bigger Piece Of The Pi

    The growth of pi for some brands is easier to understand: Pieology, for example, became the first company to break into the top 20 … Read the whole story

  • Powerade Turns To Humorous Hyperbole In 'Some Kind Of Power'

    The spot will air on March 13 alongside five 15-second videos -each depicting another of the man's flights of basketball fancy. Read the whole story

  • Cricket Game Show Video Pays Off On Social Media

    But... "there's a catch," the host says. "You can either take the money or take $500 and give it away and make somebody's day." Read the whole story

  • MLB Pitcher Verlander Stumps For Flonase

    As part of the partnership, Verlander appears in a documentary series called "Greatest Season Ever" about his pre-season training routine. Read the whole story

  • Detroit Auto Show Considering Time Shift

    As for the regular public show days, you've got to think not having to negotiate inclement weather might encourage a few more spectators. Read the whole story

  • Has Advertising Jumped The Shark?

    My fear is that too many of us are acting like screenwriters and television showrunners. The endgame now seems to be to entertain above … Read the whole story

  • Montage Health Doesn't Want To See You

    In addition to online videos, three :30-second spots appear across California's Monterey county during prime-time programming. Read the whole story