Marketing Daily
Thursday, December 27, 2018
  • Amazon Stumbles In Online Groceries As Other Stores Gain

    A new report finds the number of Prime members who bought groceries online at least monthly fell to 12% in 2018, down from 17%. Read the whole story

  • Dining In 2019: Cannabis Drinks, Lots Of Veggies -- Don't Forget The Nootropics

    Forecasts also include "Israeli-inspired fare" (dates, pistachios, mint) and "more authentic and creative Latin cuisine." Read the whole story

  • TurboTax Launches Tax Season Ad Push

    One campaign, "Changing the Way You Do Taxes," supports TurboTax Live and uses tech humor to highlight the platform's on-demand service. Read the whole story

  • Euro Commission Report Urges U.S. Privacy Legislation

    The European Commission said such legislation would "strengthen the protection of our citizens when their data is transferred abroad." Read the whole story

  • Self-Driving Car Company Targets Retirement Communities

    The startup Voyage has signed a license to deploy a self-driving ride-sharing service at the Florida retirement community The Villages. Read the whole story

  • Awaiting The Promise Of 5G

    The majority (66%) of businesses plan to deploy 5G by 2020, according to a new study conducted by Gartner. Read the whole story