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Wednesday, December 30, 2020
  • Fox News Named 'Misinformer Of The Year' For 2020

    Fox News has been named the "Misinformer of the Year" for 2020 by watchdog Media Matters, marking the 17th consecutive year it has bestowed … Read the whole story

  • Runoffs Show How Billboards Have Become A Platform For Free Speech

    Anyone who has pondered whether billboards are media (or not) could find the answer in the expensive, high-stakes Senate runoff election in Georgia. Read the whole story

  • Obit: Media Mogul Publicist Howard Rubenstein, Dead At 88

    Howard Rubenstein, an influential public relations pro who is best known for representing media industry moguls such as Rupert Murdoch as well as high-profile … Read the whole story

  • The Politics Of Shopping: Blue State Consumers Less Likely To Shop In-Store

    Store traffic surged in some red states and declined in some blue ones, Esquire Advertising reports. Read the whole story

  • Supreme Court Urged To Hear Facebook's Appeal Over Tracking

    A lower court's ruling that Facebook may have violated the wiretap law "threatens to criminalize computer-to-computer communications that are common and fundamental to the … Read the whole story

  • What Psssst You Off In 2020

    Some of the most widely read columns over the past 12 months dealt with the year's dominant issues, including COVID-19, social justice and politics. Read the whole story