Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for November 2021
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Nov. 26, 2021
Court Sides With Devin Nunes -- Again -- In Battle Over Journalist's Tweet
Texas Transformed Social Media Platforms Into 'Common Carriers,' AG Argues
Privacy Rules Top The List Of Digital Challenges In 2022
Do Consumers Really Care About Socially Conscious Marketing?
Report: Facebook, Google Fund Malign Clickbait Actors Through Ad Programs
'Newsweek' Initiative Encourages Gen Z To Debate Impact Of Social Media
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Nov. 19, 2021
How The Ad Industry Has Become More Diverse, Why It Needs To Get Even More
House Democrats Reintroduce Sweeping Ad-Targeting Restrictions
Senate Confirms Google Critic As Antitrust Chief
FCC Chair Champions Net Neutrality
Agriculture Dept. Net-Neutrality Move Draws Mixed Reaction On Capitol Hill
Bridging My Red And Blue Worlds
Ohio Sues Facebook Over Statements About 'Harmful' Content
Location Data Gleaned From Apps Handed Over Feds, Broker Admits
Majority Of Top 25 Digital News Sites Report Double-Digit Traffic Declines For October
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Nov. 12, 2021
Why Conservatives Always Get What They Want
Poll Finds Twitter, TikTok Users More Likely To Be Progressive Democrats
Supreme Court Weighs Austin Curbs On Billboards
Is Social Media Making Us Nuts? Most Americans Think So
House Bill Would Require Platforms To Offer Opt-Outs From Personalized Content
Report Charges Big Data Rooted In 'Algorithmic Racism'
In Ad World, Diversity And Inclusion Have A Long Way To Go
For A Stronger 'Build Back Better' Campaign - Add 1 Key Word
Advocates And Ad Industry Already At Odds Over California's New Privacy Law
Florida Can't 'Commandeer' Social Media Platforms, Groups Tell Court
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Nov. 5, 2021
The Merch War On Christmas
Facebook To Halt Facial Recognition, Delete Faceprints
'Space Force Journal' Shuts Down After Just 2 Issues In Dispute Over Editorial Control
House Republicans Float Privacy Bill, Overrides Stringent State Laws
Texas Probe Already 'Chilling' Twitter's Editorial Decisions, Company Says
Advocacy Group Asks Brands, Grocers To 'Keep Soda In The Soda Aisle' Only
Clearview's Facial Recognition System Violated Australians' Privacy, Regulator Says
Former Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Warns About Future Of Artificial Intelligence
Consumers Express Anxiety, Apathy About Data Gathering
FCC Urged To Close Loopholes That Limit Broadband Options In Apartments
Journalists Fear 'Fake News' Harms Their Profession - But Unsure How To Combat
Attacks on Brand Purpose Are Unwarranted