Marketing QSR Weekly
Tuesday, August 17, 2021
  • Testing, Testing: Will Plant-Based Foods Be A QSR Fixture Or Niche?

    One analyst said they will "likely remain a niche category for some time given the lack of customer demand and competing menu priorities." Read the whole story

  • Jif Moves From GIF Debate To Rap Music With Ludacris

    Ad plays with the idea that rappers sound like they're performing with a mouth filled with peanut butter -- so that's what Ludacris does. Read the whole story

  • Video-Game Revenue Added Another 10% In July To $4.6 Billon YoY

    So far in 2021, total video-game revenues -- game software, console and accessories -- grew 14% to $33.5 billion from the same time period … Read the whole story

  • Rover Helps Helicopter Pet Parents Return To Offices

    Nearly 80% of dog owners are now concerned about their pet's separation anxiety once they go back to work or travel. Read the whole story

  • Nielsen Can Take A 'Hiatus,' But TV Market, Upfronts Move On

    Nielsen has had other longstanding issues with marketers and media, such as measuring the full impact of cross-platforms' media impressions and associated advertising data. Read the whole story