Monday, February 9, 2004
  • Agencies Demand Standards For On-Demand, Issue Interactive TV Guidelines

    In the first step toward industry standards for emerging on-demand advertising platforms--including TiVo and other digital video recording technologies as well as video-on-demand services--the ... Read the whole story

  • Top Marketers Send Managers Back To School To Re-Learn Advertising, Media

    At a time when most media shops have either scrapped or significantly cut back on their own internal training programs, many of their top ... Read the whole story

  • Safe At Any Speed: Study Finds Billboards Don't Kill Motorists

    In what may be the first of its kind in the United States, a traffic safety study has given outdoor advertising a clean bill ... Read the whole story

  • MAP Swoops Down On Hawk, Emerges As No. 2 Media Auditor

    Just as the burgeoning field of media auditing begins to really take off, it's experiencing its first significant round of consolidation. Media Analysis Plus, ... Read the whole story

  • Financial Focus: Madison Avenue Remains Unfocused

    Don't expect monster growth in the advertising industry as Madison Avenue lurches into a recovery. According to one top Wall Street analyst, the sector ... Read the whole story