Wednesday, October 26, 2005
  • Stop The Presses: Newspapers Can't Even Give It Away

    One of the newspaper industry's newest and most intriguing strategies for stemming the erosion of readers--the distribution of free metropolitan dailies--apparently isn't having much, … Read the whole story

  • Infinity Unveils Bi-Coastal Stern Replacement Strategy

    Hoping to spin the broadcast equivalent of a sow's ear into a proverbial silk purse, Infinity Broadcasting Chairman-CEO Joel Hollander Tuesday unveiled the radio … Read the whole story

  • Comedy Launches The MotherLoad Of All Broadband Destinations

    Hoping to strike one on a new media platform, cable network Comedy Central Tuesday unveiled "MotherLoad," a new broadband Web destination designed to extend … Read the whole story

  • Congress Continues Debate Over Digital TV Bills

    Criticism of digital TV House and Senate bills continues as elected officials argue over the level of money needed to subsidize the change for … Read the whole story

  • Cablevision Stock Plummets After Pullback On Privatization Plans

    Cablevision Systems has taken back its plan to go private--and for that, shareholders have put the company on its back for a day. Cablevision's … Read the whole story

  • Radio Giant Pitches Buyers On High Def

    On Oct. 25th, a panel of radio execs assembled by Interep heralded the arrival of High Definition (HD) radio, a new digital format promised … Read the whole story