Wednesday, October 31, 2007
  • Wired Magazine, Xerox Take Creative Media 'Best In Show'

    For the second consecutive year, a finalist in the Business Media category - Wired magazine's campaign for Xerox - took Best in Show during … Read the whole story

  • NBC's IGA Deal Expands Reach Into Video Games

    Moving more into off-TV media platforms, NBC Universal will begin selling advertising in video games through a deal with major video game advertising seller, … Read the whole story

  • Media X: Scare Tactics

    Here we are on Halloween, and it's fitting -- and chilling -- that media agencies once again face the terrifying specter of Lee Clow … Read the whole story

  • Cover Me: ASME Awards Best

    Boca Raton, FL -- For the second year in a row, The New Yorker has captured the top spot in the American Society of … Read the whole story

  • ESPN To Air NBA Games On TV, Web

    In the latest example of what could lead to so-called "cable bypass," ESPN's NBA games this season will be simulcast live on the Web. … Read the whole story

  • TiVo Showcase Clicks With Subscribers

    Good news for the networks: New research suggests that when TiVo subscribers opt into special TiVo long-form advertising for a new TV show, a … Read the whole story

  • 'Newsweek' Gets New Execs, New Look

    Rick Smith is leaving Newsweek after 37 years, vacating both his editor in chief and CEO roles. Smith had been editor in chief for … Read the whole story

  • Dodge Sponsors Family Circle TV Special

    Dodge will serve as the exclusive sponsor of a Family Circle-branded holiday special with syndication deals covering 80% of the country inked so far. … Read the whole story

  • Nielsen: HD Usage Rises In U.S.

    More than 10% of U.S. homes are receiving HD channels, according to new data from Nielsen. The research firm said that 11.3% (12.7 million) … Read the whole story

  • Age, Income of Magazine Readers Edge Up

    Among the same 97 titles, 52 saw the median age of their readers increase by two years or more from 2002-2007 (in cases where … Read the whole story

  • Nets Rely On Reruns To Boost Mondays

    Monday Redux: The top two networks had identical ratings to those of a week ago: ABC grabbing a 4.6/11 and CBS a 4.1/10. Those … Read the whole story