Tuesday, November 25, 2008
  • Tune In: TV Viewing Up 4.1% In 3Q

    Traditional television viewing keeps climbing -- even as competing platforms grow as well. TV viewing rose 4.1% to 142 hours and 29 minutes per … Read the whole story

  • Diane Mermigas Off This Week

    Diane Mermigas will return next week. Read the whole story

  • GM Deepens Marketing Cuts, Ends Tiger Woods Deal

    The dramatic cuts in General Motors' marketing efforts continued Monday as the once-dominant carmaker ended a nearly decade-long relationship with the world's dominant golfer. … Read the whole story

  • SAG Threatens Strike, Producers Resolute

    The Screen Actors Guild is close to a strike authorization vote--but that doesn't necessarily mean a strike. The slow-moving, now five-month-long deadlock over a … Read the whole story

  • Local Ads: Falling Revs, Media Peril

    Advertising revenues are expected to plateau or decrease during the recession now underway, but one category--local advertising--will take especially heavy hits, according to analysts. Read the whole story

  • Dish TV Gets New Media Metrics

    Dish Network has inked a deal to further use its set-top box data to provide improved performance metrics for advertisers, including via second-by-second viewership … Read the whole story

  • Seeing Things: NFL Experiments With 3D

    To stay tech-savvy, the NFL will experiment with a 3D version of a game next month in movie theaters, but fans will be on … Read the whole story