Tuesday, December 23, 2008
  • Want To Score A Super Bowl? Go Co-op

    Super Bowl pricing usually gives buyers nosebleeds. But one West Coast ad agency has a novel idea to bring down the entry price substantially, ... Read the whole story

  • Dear Bev: What Should I Expect If I'm Unexpectedly Laid Off?

    This holiday season has brought an unwelcome surprise to unprecedented numbers of people in the media business - pink slips. If you're among the ... Read the whole story

  • FedEx Doesn't Deliver Super Bowl Spot

    FedEx does not absolutely have to be in the Super Bowl. But its absence is noteworthy. The company, which has delivered some memorable spots ... Read the whole story

  • For U: Nickelodeon Launches New Kids' Site

    Nickelodeon is launching a new online site for kids. allows its young users to share, vote, poll and post their thoughts on various ... Read the whole story

  • Radio Revs Dial Down 20% In November

    Suffering from a combination of a secular downturn and the broader economic recession, radio had its steepest monthly decline in revenue in years in ... Read the whole story

  • Strong NFL Games Spell Victory For NBC

    NBC continued its big December Sunday run against mostly network repeats, with another strong NFL game. For two weekends in a row, NBC moved ... Read the whole story