Wednesday, September 23, 2009
  • Enterprise: Canoe Uses EBIF Launch To Propel Interactive Advertising

    The acronym may never be as well-known as CPM or GRP. But Canoe, founded by six leading cable operators, points to EBIF as a … Read the whole story

  • Media X: Social Disease

    Social media memes about community and human expression are an Orwellian crock. Giving everybody a voice doesn't make anybody worth listening to, my puckish … Read the whole story

  • Ovation TV Joins Google TV Ads

    Google TV Ads may not have received a figurative "standing O" from all cable networks, but Ovation TV will begin selling inventory via the … Read the whole story

  • Comcast: Viewers Still Plugged Into TV

    Touting the benefits of all television -- and of Comcast's own TV programming and technology -- the big cable operator notes the coming season … Read the whole story

  • Outreach: TargetCast Buys Ripple TV

    This week brought even more activity in the digital out-of-home video space, with the acquisition of RippleTV by TargetCast Networks. Altogether, the combined assets … Read the whole story

  • Harbinger Sells Part of NYTCO Stake, Pullout Planned?

    Harbinger Capital Partners has sold roughly 18% of its stake in the New York Times Co., in circumstances that suggest it may divest itself … Read the whole story

  • 'See It': Fancast Pushes Fall Season In Cross-Platform Campaign

    Showing that NBC's Hulu isn't the only game in town, Comcast's Internet video platform Fancast is launching a big advertising campaign to kick off … Read the whole story

  • Fox Is A 'House' On Fire

    Starting the new season, Fox's "House" picked up right where it left off -- and then some. It rocketed to a Nielsen preliminary 6.6 … Read the whole story