Wednesday, September 30, 2009
  • Gannett Publishes Good News: Income Growth Up

    Stronger year-over-year expected income growth for Gannett's publishing and TV ops sent its stock soaring on Tuesday. Net income is up significantly from 2Q … Read the whole story

  • Media X: Passion of the Primates

    Let me tell you about monkey music and the Fighting Irish and what both can teach you about how to make or break your … Read the whole story

  • TV Maker Vizio Produces Show for Fox Sports

    TV makers are now making TV programs to promote their products. Vizio, which makes liquid-crystal display HD televisions, is helping to create a new … Read the whole story

  • Big Picture: HDTV Sales On Upswing

    Despite any economic hangover, as prices continue to fall, sales of high-definition TV sets are expected to accelerate through the holiday season. Research firm … Read the whole story

  • Singing Blues: Westwood One Institutes Furloughs, Pay Cuts

    In another sign that the second half of 2009 is not treating radio much better than the first, Westwood One employees will be required … Read the whole story

  • USA, Disney Big Summer Winners

    Of the bigger cable network players, improved summer results were achieved by USA Network, Disney Channel, Food Network, HGTV and TLC for the third … Read the whole story