MAD Agency Daily
Wednesday, April 30, 2014
  • Tillamook Knows What You Want

    The Oregon dairy producer's new Web site, developed by digital shop Hello Design uses a contextual engine that taps into data points like geo-location, … Read the whole story

  • Ad Council CEO Peggy Conlon To Retire

    Conlon joined the organization in 1999 and is credited with revolutionizing how the Council communicates its messages. As a result of her efforts, the … Read the whole story

  • Levy's Compensation For 2013 Up 77%

    The Publicis Groupe CEO doesn't receive a base salary, with all compensation tied to performance goals both quantitative and qualitative. Theoretically, a company financial … Read the whole story

  • Laundry Service 'Cycles' Around Instagram Influencers

    The social media agency has just launched Cycle, a specialized unit to serve as a global influencer network. Liz Eswein has been hired to … Read the whole story

  • Boomers Will Be Fine...Until They're Not

    Rational Boomers act irrationally when confronting aging. The challenge for brands in every category is to simultaneously understand the irrationality of this consumer group … Read the whole story

  • Upfront Forecast: Broadcast Will Dip, Cable Will Rise 5%

    JP Morgan Equity Research believes, according to media buyers, that broadcast network upfront dollar volume will decrease around 2% to 3%, with cable network … Read the whole story