MAD Agency Daily
Tuesday, April 7, 2015
  • Y&R Names Tim O'Sullivan Managing Director Labstore NA

    In addition to overseeing the North America region of the retail and shopper marketing network, O'Sullivan will continue to run CPG & Shopper Marketing ... Read the whole story

  • Glenmorangie Touts Heritage, Expertise and Craftsmanship In New Global Campaign

    The creative features images of Glenmorangie Original photographed in front of the brand's emblem, the "Signet," handcarved in oak and also recreated in solid ... Read the whole story

  • 'Mad Men' Poses Existential Question: Is That All There Is?

    "Mad Men" has gone and gotten all existential on us. That's one way of interpreting the prominence of the Peggy Lee song "Is That ... Read the whole story

  • HTC, SapientNitro Promote Phones For 'Life' In New Global Campaign

    A new ad campaign, "One Life," is designed to illustrate how people all across the world are able to live their lives more fully ... Read the whole story

  • Facebook Sued For Creating Database of 'Faceprints'

    Facebook has been hit with a lawsuit alleging that its collection and use of "faceprints" to identify users violates an Illinois law regarding biometric ... Read the whole story