MAD Agency Daily
Friday, June 22, 2018
  • Sorrell, Auletta Duke It Out In Cannes

    The conversation quickly turned into a verbal brawl, largely over Auletta's recent book "Frenemies" that documents adland's struggles and Sorrell's refusal to address his … Read the whole story

  • Sorrell: Read And Scott Have The Right Stuff To Succeed Him

    Sorrell didn't hold back on the leaks surrounding his departure, denying the salacious gossip -- including the latest that he is the whistleblower for … Read the whole story

  • Cannes Diary: Kids Flock To The Festival; A Kardashian Sighting(!); Brands And Spirituality

    The going rumor at Cannes is that organizers are flooding the Festival with youngsters (students get free passes) to ensure their accumulated numbers are … Read the whole story

  • SeeHer, Project YouDoYou Announce New Initiatives At Cannes

    SeeHer is developing the #WriteHerRight movement and YouDoYou is creating a new program called Athletes & Activism. Read the whole story

  • Measuring The Wrong Data Is Costing Marketers Billions

    Today's data-driven world has resulted in the emergence of data as an organization's most valuable resource and cornerstone of corporate strategy. Marketers are using … Read the whole story