Cannes Diary: Kids Flock To The Festival; A Kardashian Sighting(!); Brands And Spirituality

The only thing harder than spotting a celebrity this year at Cannes is finding someone who actually paid for his or her ticket. Although officials haven't released total figures for the week-long event, it is obvious that it isn't the same this year. For one, there is an influx of students (who get free passes) and Young Lions, oftentimes outnumbering paid employees at presentations by three to one.

The going rumor is that organizers are flooding the Festival with youngsters to ensure their accumulated numbers are high, using the line "they are supporting rising talent." It’s believed that paid registrations are down at 25% this year and likely more than that.

For employed attendees one of this year’s challenges is dealing with a barrage of queries from students in attendance about job opportunities.

Although the star wattage is notably poor this year, what would Cannes be like without a Kardashian sighting? And there was one! Kylie Jenner and her months-old baby Stormi were seen watching the baby’s dad rapper Travis Scott's performance at a Spotify event. 



Meanwhile, brands need to find spirituality. Why? Because their younger customers (millennials and GenZers), apparently are looking for spiritual guidance but not from the usual assortment traditional religions that gather in churches, synagogues and mosques. 

And it seems they want brands to supply it. Some research was cited at a Vice event Thursday suggesting that more than half of young consumers today look for brands that enhance their spirit and soul. Amen.




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