MAD Agency Daily
Thursday, August 30, 2018
  • FCB Health Launches In Brazil

    Two of the operation's top managers previously worked at Havas Life in Sao Paulo where FCB Health Brasil is based. Read the whole story

  • New Campaign From Another 'Papa' In The Pizza Business

    Papa Murphy's is releasing its first creative work from its new agency Mekanism and its in-house social media agency Epic Signal as the take-home … Read the whole story

  • Pandora To Boost Ad Business With New Ad Formats

    The ad formats may seem familiar to viewers of streaming video, but have not been released at scale in the streaming audio world until … Read the whole story

  • Don't Write Off The Holding Companies Just Yet

    Transparency is arriving and reform is happening, one media review at a time. Read the whole story

  • AI Makes Your Media... Better!

    Without AI now powering the customizing of customer recommendations, it would take you forever to forage through and find the content you truly enjoy. Read the whole story