MAD Agency Daily
Monday, October 29, 2018
  • Charge Against Q3 Earnings Puts MDC Partners In The Red

    The company took a $21 million charge against earnings in the third quarter. Organic growth for the period was 1.5%. Strategic review and CEO … Read the whole story

  • Pritchard: CMOs Must Take Action To Drive Growth

    P&G Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard says data is changing everyone's job in the marketing industry. Read the whole story

  • Merge Adds First Chief Strategy Officer

    Based in Chicago, strategy chief Lauren Tucker will oversee teams located in the Windy City as well Boston and Atlanta. She will report Merge … Read the whole story

  • iRobot Taps CinemaStreet For New Roomba Work

    Working directly with the production house is designed to let the brand explore different options and possibilities at every stage, from concept through production … Read the whole story

  • What Next For Sorrell's Train Set?

    WPP's share price has tumbled and revenue is disappointing. How will Mark Read get Sorrell's train set running again? Read the whole story