Mobile Marketing Daily
Wednesday, July 29, 2009
  • AT&T's All-In-One Mobile-Social Play

    AT&T's exclusive deal for the iPhone has benefited the wireless operator enormously, pulling in new subscribers and boosting its bottom line. But the carrier's ... Read the whole story

  • ChaCha Goes Hollywood

    The human-powered SMS search engine ChaCha had its own Michael Jackson moment last month, when there was still uncertainty about the entertainer's death. During ... Read the whole story

  • Sprint Ups Ante For Prepaid Rivals

    With its $483 million acquisition of Virgin Mobile USA, Sprint is poised to dominate the prepaid phone market and take on value-oriented competitors like ... Read the whole story

  • WaPo Debuts New Mobile Site

    The Washington Post has rolled out a redesigned mobile site aimed at offering cell subscribers a more customized experience. The newspaper's new mobile presence ... Read the whole story

  • Study: Online and Offline Behavior Meshing

    While the amount of time North American consumers spend online has plateaued, the integration of their on- and off-line lives continues apace, according to ... Read the whole story

  • Starcom: Mobile Data Users Connecting To Ads In Other Media

    Almost two-thirds of mobile content consumers use their handheld devices to act on advertising in other media like out-of-home ads and digital videos, especially ... Read the whole story

  • Mobile Marketing, Targeting

    Mobile Marketing "The most permanent cookie in the world is your phone number," says Alec Andronikov, CEO Movoxx. Read the whole story