Mobile Marketing Daily
Thursday, September 17, 2009
  • Mobile Ads Rise In Argentina

    As mobile Internet usage continues to grow in Argentina and Latin America, more consumers will be using their handsets to access information and interact ... Read the whole story

  • Noted with Begrudging Pleasure... Dammit

    I have been officially advised I am getting grumpy and need to lighten up. "Remember to eat and then sleep and breathe... you need ... Read the whole story

  • Marketers: Design Better Mobile Sites

    The number of consumers using their mobile devices to access the Internet is growing, but many mobile sites are not particularly mobile-friendly. Read the whole story

  • Report: Mobile Web Sites Are Not Improving

    According to Yankee Group, 31% of phone-owning customers are using their phones to access the Web at least once a month. However, in its ... Read the whole story

  • Two FCC Members Back Handset Exclusivity

    The two Republican members of the Federal Communications Commission said Thursday that they support exclusive arrangements between wireless carriers and handset manufacturers, such as ... Read the whole story

  • Appolicious And The Rules Of Apptraction

    With the launch of earlier this month, founder and CEO Alan Warms wants to give consumers a better way to sort through the ... Read the whole story