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Friday, October 23, 2009
  • VW Goes All Mobile For Launch Of GTI

    The program will be promoted on and the company's Facebook page, which has some 300,000 followers, as well as sites like Twitter, and … Read the whole story

  • Four Out of Five Never Leave Home Without It

    According to the newly released global mobile phones survey from Synovate, revealing just how attached Americans are to their cell phones, 82% of Americans … Read the whole story

  • Multicultural, Global And Mobile: Western Union

    "Thomas Friedman's 'The World Is Flat' epitomizes Western Union," CMO Gail Galuppo says. "Borders are truly fading. We have to understand consumers around the … Read the whole story

  • Can TV Networks Figure Out That Second Screen?

    An announcement from ESPN this week seems to have fallen outside of the mobile industry's radar, but to me it indicates just how quickly … Read the whole story