Mobile Marketing Daily
Friday, November 20, 2009
  • Verizon App Offers All-In-One Easy Access to Social Nets, Twitter

    Verizon Wireless has partnered with iSkoot to launch an application promising easy access to popular social properties including Facebook, MySpace and Twitter in one … Read the whole story

  • Mobile Video Advertising: The Awkward Teen Years

    For the time being, mobile video advertising is at that strange teen stage where it is starting to look like a recognizable grown-up. Smart/App … Read the whole story

  • Virgin Mobile Ads Rely On 'Chatty Cathys'

    The camera focuses on a young man sitting in a woman's boutique as his presumed girlfriend chats on the phone behind him. Before she … Read the whole story

  • Big Apple Invites A Closer Inspection

    NYC & Company, the official marketing, tourism and partnership organization of the City of New York, is going local with a new campaign launching … Read the whole story

  • Most Mobile Users Indifferent To Or Don't Want Ads

    Nearly four in 10 consumers don't want to receive mobile ads for any reason -- and less than 20% recall seeing a mobile ad, … Read the whole story