Mobile Marketing Daily
Tuesday, November 24, 2009
  • Microsoft Launches Mobile Marketplaces

    Earlier this month, Microsoft quietly launched a new mobile ad program that runs display ads on its own properties that show sponsored links from … Read the whole story

  • Report: Google + AdMob = 24% Mobile Ad Network Share

    When Google announced its proposed $750 million acquisition of AdMob earlier this month, there was little question that the deal would create a powerhouse … Read the whole story

  • Lost In The Android Bazaar

    This week major mobile game maker Gameloft announced its intentions to curtail Android development, in part because this market has none of the merchandising … Read the whole story

  • Amazon Fastest Mobile Retail Site, Target Slowest

    It's no surprise that accessing the Web is typically slower on a mobile phone than on the desktop. But some mobile sites are slower … Read the whole story