Mobile Marketing Daily
Thursday, December 17, 2009
  • Follow The Bouncing Valuation

    Market research firm eMarketer, which has been revising downward its estimate of online advertising this year, plans to revise upward its projection for Facebook's … Read the whole story

  • Warming Up The Mobile TV Tubes

    I think down the road video is one more instance when mobile can right the wrongs of the Web. It's still astonishing to me … Read the whole story

  • How Google Crowd-Sourced The World Before Launching A Mobile Phone

    It all started with a blog post and a few Twitter tweets. After news spread that some employees had begun testing a Google phone, … Read the whole story

  • For Bing, Too, There's Now An App For That

    The search engine wars continue to heat up between Microsoft and Google. And now Microsoft has entered the mobile market with an iPhone application … Read the whole story

  • Paris Hilton Forges Intimate Relationship With Consumers

    Paris Hilton is using her line of hair and beauty products to reach out and touch someone: primping teenage girls. While the campaign featured … Read the whole story

  • TNS Calls Mobile Phone Rebound In 2010

    Market research firm TNS predicts an end to the mobile sales slump next year, with more than half (53%) of Americans planning to buy … Read the whole story

  • Study: Email Spending To Rise In 2010

    Email marketers say the recession continues, but nearly 90% will invest as much or more in the platform in 2010 than they did this … Read the whole story