Mobile Marketing Daily
Friday, February 26, 2010
  • What's In It For Me?

    Mobile is a teen's remote control for their world. It holds the key to their friends, family, social networks, and it goes with them … Read the whole story

  • Are The Media Brands All Here?

    Can media brands really sell platforms? That seems to be the perennial question (mostly unanswered) to accompany the arrival of every new medium. Is … Read the whole story

  • Sprint Likens 4G Coverage To Web On The Go

    "We're getting to the point where the efficiencies gained through a national message are better than those gained through spot advertising," Chris Schaper, senior … Read the whole story

  • Forget the Sex Apps - Users Turn To iPhone For Dating, Health

    With Apple clearing out all those sex-themed apps from the App Store, it makes you wonder what else people are doing with their iPhones. … Read the whole story

  • TargetSpot Debuts Mobile Ad Platform

    TargetSpot, a leading Internet radio advertising network, is expanding into audio ad sales for digital audio content delivered to mobile devices, giving advertising clients … Read the whole story

  • Sports Text Signs Sony As First Advertiser

    A Sony Pictures Web site has signed as the first advertiser for a service where leagues send text messages to alert people about rainouts, … Read the whole story