Mobile Marketing Daily
Friday, October 21, 2011
  • Mobile eCommerce Gains Consumer Buy-In

    Mobile, social and geographic location continues to feed off the 80% of the global population carrying mobile devices generating more sales through mobile Web … Read the whole story

  • Social Changes Brand/Consumer Interaction

    Mark Donovan, senior vice president for mobile at comScore, tells "Marketing Daily," "We've gone from explaining to explaining why mobile was something that was … Read the whole story

  • Mobile Buyers Prefer Online Sales To Retail Stores

    Findings from a new study won't do anything to ease the fears of brick-and-mortar retailers anxious over losing sales to mobile-empowered shoppers. The survey … Read the whole story

  • Twitter Fastest-Growing Mobile Audience, Up 75%

    Among top social networking services, Twitter had the fastest-growing U.S. mobile audience for the three months ending in August, up 75% to 13.4 million. … Read the whole story

  • Mobile Screens May Dilute TV Engagement, Kill Ad Attention

    A multiscreen viewing study showed users were inattentive to the TV during ad breaks. Those studied were significantly distracted from the first screen by … Read the whole story