Mobile Marketing Daily
Friday, December 23, 2011
  • Social Networking Lags In Capturing Ad Spend

    Social networking now accounts for one of every five minutes spent online, making it the most popular online activity worldwide, according to a comprehensive … Read the whole story

  • Brands Challenged To Create Persona To Keep Customers

    Just as marketers decide to push more of their budget from direct-response and into brand campaigns, it could become more difficult to sway consumers … Read the whole story

  • Phones Produce More Consumer Photos, Video

    The smartphone is proving to be a more widespread and serial disruptor of markets than many expected. Add digital cameras and camcorders to the … Read the whole story

  • Mobile Video Vendors Boost Their Ad Offerings for 2012

    Mobile video is slated to become a bigger business in 2012, with a number of video ad technology firms upping their mobile offerings. Companies … Read the whole story

  • The Mobile Buy Button Clicks In This Holiday

    If there is one new consumer behavior that is going to drive change in digital marketing in 2012, it will be tapping the "Buy" … Read the whole story

  • Local Search: Light Speed Ahead

    For the local search and location-based services (LBS) industry, 2011 brought a great deal of innovation. The speed, availability and ubiquity of devices like … Read the whole story