Mobile Marketing Daily
Tuesday, December 27, 2011
  • M-Commerce On Christmas Day Up 173%

    IBM's check of 500 retail Websites over the holiday weekend shows that the dollar amount of purchases made over mobile devices on Dec. 25 … Read the whole story

  • Gen Y, Boomers On Same Smartphone Page

    According to research commissioned by Consumer Cellular (which is the official cell phone plan provider for the AARP), Boomers use their smartphones in much … Read the whole story

  • Special K Offers Customized Weight-Loss Solutions

    Designed by RazorFish, the program also offers registrants/participants access to support from the brand community and social media sharing; customized support newsletters; coupons and … Read the whole story

  • Let TV Be TV: Fantasizing Apple's Next Move

    "So this is what you are spending your time with after going to the gym?" my wife asks, as if I had just introduced … Read the whole story