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Wednesday, January 25, 2012
  • Despite Cautious Forecast, Mobile, Online Video Double-Digit Ad Drivers

    Due to "maturity," online ad revenue growth will slow in 2012, according to a new forecast from MagnaGlobal. Still, the Interpublic unit forecasts double-digit … Read the whole story

  • Second Screening

    There are a handful of things that are likely to drive success for Second Screen endeavors -- with opportunities for viewer involvement, additional program … Read the whole story

  • Ultrabooks Growth To Outpace Tablets

    Move over, tablets -- here come ultrabooks. A new forecast from U.K.-based Juniper Research projects that sales of so-called ultrabooks -- the fast, thin, … Read the whole story

  • Mobile Video Primed, Ad Model In Early Stages

    Growth in mobile video consumption is so poised, it's difficult to predict how high and fast the curve might move, while the same goes … Read the whole story

  • Agency Execs Launch Social TV Platform, Say 'TV Dinner' Will Give Some Byte To Viewing

    With the goal of transforming the way people watch, interact with, and perhaps most importantly, share the way they experience television, the founders of … Read the whole story

  • Beyond The Ordinary (A.K.A. Facebook And Twitter)

    That's right -- despite their relatively short lives (in analogue years, anyway), Facebook and Twitter have now reached the point of being deemed "ordinary" … Read the whole story

  • MeFeedia Launches Kid-Safe Video Hub For iPad and Fire

    Video search and discovery engine MeFeedia launches its Kids Videos app on both iPad and Kindle Fire tablet platforms this week. The free apps … Read the whole story

  • Whither Mobile?

    It's hard to imagine that any brand could be holding back on its mobile marketing initiatives. The growth pattern is too fast; the consumer … Read the whole story