Mobile Marketing Daily
Tuesday, August 26, 2014
  • Instagram Debuts New App To Enhance Videos

    Instagram is raising the stakes in mobile video with a new app that aims to make every user a mini-Spielberg with tools like tracking … Read the whole story

  • Consumers To Share Data From Wearable Devices For Discounts, Coupons

    A substantial number of consumers (40%) would be willing to share personal information collected by "wearable" Internet-connected devices in return for discounts or coupons, … Read the whole story

  • Despite Recent Slowdown, U.S. Ad Economy Poised To Expand At Fastest Rate In A Decade

    Despite an apparent slowdown in the expansion of the advertising economy in recent quarters, U.S. ad spending is now projected to grow 4.9% next … Read the whole story

  • Chinese Government OS To Compete With Google, Microsoft

    The Chinese government plans to launch its own operating system in October to lessen its dependence on Microsoft and Google, as well as build … Read the whole story

  • Apple Wants Lawsuit About Address-Book Uploads Thrown Out

    Apple is asking a federal judge to slam the courthouse door shut on a group of consumers who are suing the company for allegedly … Read the whole story

  • Let Us Quantify You

    There is tremendous opportunity for brands to help consumers quantify aspects of their everyday existence in ways that empower and enrich the customer. Read the whole story

  • Those Who Browse Online, Buy Online

    In online commerce, there's browsing and then there's buying. We've seen from numerous studies that consumers use multiple devices to research what to purchase … Read the whole story