Mobile Marketing Daily
Thursday, October 9, 2014
  • Experts Project Virtual Reality, Seamless Video For Gigabit Internet

    Immersive virtual reality, meeting others via a video "telepresence" and hyper-personalized interactions are among the innovations predicted for the Internet by 2025. For its … Read the whole story

  • Facebook's New Emerging Market Mobile Strategy Is A Win For Brands

    The GSMA forecasts that global smartphone penetration in emerging markets is set to increase over the next several years, and these regions are vital … Read the whole story

  • Marimedia Acquires Taptica For $13.6 Million

    Marimedia, a UK-based digital ad management platform, this week announced it has finalized its deal to acquire Taptica, a San Francisco-based mobile user acquisition … Read the whole story

  • Google Now Reads Emails, Sets Reminders For Bills Due

    Google has released an update to its search app for Android and iOS that searches the phone's Gmail account for dates of bills due. … Read the whole story

  • Miranda July Launches 'Somebody,' App Where Strangers Relay Your Message To Friends

    Stinkdigital has partnered with artist Miranda July, designer Thea Lorentzen and Prada to create Somebody, a location-aware social messaging service. When you send your … Read the whole story

  • Search Intent Data Behind The Selfie

    Selfies tell a lot about a person, but not necessarily what many think. Where people take the selfie, with whom, and how often they … Read the whole story