Mobile Marketing Daily
Wednesday, November 19, 2014
  • Adform Adds Mobile Support To DSP

    Adform, a Denmark-based demand-side platform (DSP), on Tuesday announced the launch of a mobile ad platform, dubbed Adform Go. The platform is connected to … Read the whole story

  • Snapchat Dives Into Peer-to-Peer Payments With Snapcash

    Snapchat isn't just for naked selfies any more. The mobile picture-sharing app is getting into the peer-to-peer payments business in collaboration with Square Cash, … Read the whole story

  • Facebook Launches App Devoted To Groups

    Continuing to break out its services into distinct mobile applications, Facebook on Tuesday launched an app dedicated solely to Groups. Facebook says a standalone … Read the whole story

  • Jacking Into Moments: Conquesting, User Modding And The Ongoing Disconnect About Mobility

    Mobile marketers are looking for countless ways to interrupt and modify user behavior, in much the way they have in other media for a … Read the whole story

  • ComScore Predicts Holiday Online Sales To Climb 16%

    With the stock market at new highs and consumers relatively unconcerned about the economy, ComScore is predicting big gains in e-commerce this holiday season, … Read the whole story

  • The Big & Evolving Numbers Around Beacons

    While beaconing is still in its infancy and slowly developing into what it might be when it grows up, there are some substantial numbers … Read the whole story

  • NYC Plans Free WiFi Via Digital Kiosks Carrying Ads

    In one of the more ambitious municipal digital access projects ever undertaken, New York City is planning to bring free public WiFi to the … Read the whole story