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Tuesday, December 23, 2014
  • A Monochannel Christmas Tale

    In which we find respite from the omnichannel fervor in a humble hardware shop that understands the basics of getting that one true channel … Read the whole story

  • Facebook 2014: Uptick In Share Price, Major Growth In Instagram

    Despite fresh concerns about Facebook's popularity among teens, the social giant appears to be ending 2014 on a high note. Instagram's success ups Facebook's … Read the whole story

  • In Mobile, Timing Is Everything

    Like personal people meters, mobility is giving us insight into the modes in which consumers operate at a much granular level than ever before. Read the whole story

  • Twitter Adds Mobile Analytics To App

    Managing and monitoring one's voice, popularity, and personal "brand" have become commonplace, and social networks are offering more sophisticated tools to do so.Twitter is … Read the whole story

  • More Data Shows Teens Leaving Facebook

    While Facebook's penetration rate among teens remains high, it may be starting to slip, as yet another study suggests teens are leaving Big Blue … Read the whole story