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Friday, December 26, 2014
  • What We Can Expect For In-stream Mobile Video In 2015

    Since its entry to the ecosystem, by the sheer quantity (and quality) of consumer experiences, live-streaming video has captured the fascinated attention of both … Read the whole story

  • 2015: The Year Brands Take Mobile Advertising Seriously

    Whether working or playing, Americans currently spend 65% more time in apps than we did two years ago. This shift hasn't gone unnoticed by … Read the whole story

  • What 'The Interview' Christmas Day Sales, Rentals Say About A Nation's Freedom

    In an unprecedented show of support for democracy, Sony Pictures agreed to release "The Interview" in theaters and online Christmas Day, making history along … Read the whole story

  • Facebook Redesigns Video Features

    Positioning itself more as a video hub on par with YouTube, Facebook is rolling out a new design for the Video section of Facebook … Read the whole story

  • Facebook, NFL Team For Video-Sharing Effort

    Facebook and the National Football League have entered into a video-sharing partnership, and Verizon Wireless is coming along for the ride. The wireless carrier … Read the whole story