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Monday, March 23, 2015
  • Google Fiber TV Ad Trials Test Real-Time Data

    TV measurement continues to rapidly change, but traditional gross ratings points that rely on Nielsen viewers are small enough to create problems for networks … Read the whole story

  • OpenX Opens New Front On Fraud, Takes Battle To User's Browser

    Programmatic audience exchange OpenX today unveiled a more aggressive method of tracking the quality of online audience impressions sold through its exchange, taking the … Read the whole story

  • When Augmented, Virtual Reality Becomes Real For Advertisers

    Epson recently signed a deal with Mercedes' AMG Petronas racing team to develop a tour for their museum showcasing Formula One cars. The virtual … Read the whole story

  • Welcome to the World of Gadget Commerce

    The concept of mobile commerce, or at least mobile payments, has been relatively straightforward, with various twists. At the core, a person uses their … Read the whole story

  • Apple Leaders Rally Behind New Bio Of Steve Jobs

    "Becoming Steve Jobs," an unauthorized biography that will be released tomorrow, has not only been garnering headlines for a "Fast Company" excerpt and selected … Read the whole story

  • One In Three Americans Changed Online Behavior Because Of Surveillance

    The revelations of widespread government surveillance by NSA contractor Edward Snowden may have dominated public discussion, but they didn't have much impact on how … Read the whole story