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Friday, August 7, 2015
  • Mobile Access System IMAporter Launches

    Czech Republic-based Institute of Microelectronic Applications (IMA) announced the commercial launch of a new Mobile Access System, called IMAporter. The system allows users to … Read the whole story

  • Forbes Taps Tinder To Launch 'Under 30' Network

    Forbes just enlisted Tinder to help launch a network for its eminent "Under 30" members. From precocious entrepreneurs to moguls-in-the-making, Forbes' Under 30 list … Read the whole story

  • Get This Crap Off My Phone: We Are Screwing Up The Mobile Experience

    As I feared, many of the bad practices of desktop media are migrating to mobile. Will publishers please take greater responsibility for the quality … Read the whole story

  • How To Engage Millennials On Mobile Devices

    Engaging Millennials on mobile devices has never been harder, or more crucial for a brand's success. There are now over 83 million Millennials in … Read the whole story

  • Iris Recognition For Greater Security And Trust

    Right now, most smartphones use either a password or fingerprint for authentication purposes -- but imagine being able to unlock your mobile device simply … Read the whole story

  • MTV Asks Fans To Develop VMA Promos

    Earlier this month, MTV began phase one of its VMA promo campaign featuring blank MTV green boxes that appeared on multiple websites that looked … Read the whole story