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Thursday, September 17, 2015
  • North Americans Favor Accessing Internet Via Mobile

    Currently, 80.8% of the U.S. population -- about 260 million people -- and 80.6% of the Canadian population will go online at least once … Read the whole story

  • PubMatic's Mobile Business Soars

    PubMatic's mobile business grew 200% YOY in first half of 2015. Video advertising gets higher CPMs than other forms of digital advertising, due to … Read the whole story

  • Oscar Mayer Offers (Real) Dating App For Bacon Lovers

    The app is being promoted on Oscar Mayer's Facebook and Twitter channels with a humorous video showing a young woman considering a series of … Read the whole story

  • EU Programmatic Market Jumped 70.5% In 2014

    According to new data released Wednesday by IAB Europe, the European programmatic ad market jumped 70.5% in 2014, rising from EUR2.14 billion in 2013 … Read the whole story

  • Speak Like a Minion With Movie-Themed App

    Random App of the week: Swyft Media launched an iPhone and Android app that allows fans of the beloved Minions franchise to speak like … Read the whole story

  • The Cost To Target A Mobile App Install By Operating System

    To take advantage of a shift in consumer attitudes, more companies are relying on mobile app advertising, finding ways to entice consumers to install … Read the whole story

  • The Future Of Luxury Wearable Tech?

    "Luxury smartwatch" took on a whole different meaning with the presentation of the Apple Watch Hermes, which is a case study in creating a … Read the whole story

  • The Tweet That Wags The Market

    I've always been fascinated by the connections between Wall Street and Madison Avenue, especially where market data is concerned. It's one of the reasons … Read the whole story