Mobile Marketing Daily
Friday, September 30, 2016
  • The Social And Mobile World Of Hispanic Millennials

    Hispanic Millennials have come of age with technology and social media. Not surprisingly, they have become very adept at using technology in their daily … Read the whole story

  • Faster Loads Impact Viewability, Trade Groups Shore Up Standards

    Beyond simply improving the ad experiences for consumers, faster load times dramatically affect viewability rates, new research suggests. On average, the "lightest" ads have … Read the whole story

  • Wanna Be Viewable, Or Seen? Digital Marketing's New Conundrum

    Ticking the box of viewability means ads appear in small units on cluttered pages where they go unnoticed, new research shows. Better to go … Read the whole story

  • Turn, Verizon Battle Users Over 'Supercookies'

    Ad company Turn is urging a federal appellate court to leave in place an order sending a lawsuit over mobile tracking to arbitration. Read the whole story