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Thursday, September 21, 2017
  • Iconic 'Village Voice' Publishes Last Print Issue

    'The Village Voice' has revealed its final print issue, with a young Bob Dylan on the cover, seemingly giving a farewell salute. The issue … Read the whole story

  • USA Today Network Unveils Special Project About Border Wall

    The USA Today Network has collaborated with local newsrooms in California and the Southwest to produce a mix of virtual reality experiences, 360 videos, … Read the whole story

  • TechCrunch To Release New App, Reaches Into Emerging Markets

    TechCrunch will release the next version of its smartphone app in September as it continues to expand into new markets, rethinks search tools and … Read the whole story

  • The Power Of Content Marketing

    A great place to start is your sales presentations. If it's important, it's in PowerPoint. These decks are usually created with a specific objective … Read the whole story