Publishers Daily
Friday, August 30, 2019
  • Study: Education, Training Essential To Best Position Branded Content

    The LMA's and LMC's project examines how local media can work with advertisers to better understand, engage and benefit from branded-content campaigns. Read the whole story

  • 'New York Times' Tests Stricter Registration Wall

    Since early July, The New York Times has increased its testing of online registration and log-on strategies, as part of its efforts to further … Read the whole story

  • Gatehouse Media Lays Off 24+ Newsroom Staffers

    Following the news that it planned to merge with fellow newspaper conglomerate Gannett, Gatehouse media began a series of layoffs across its newsrooms. Read the whole story

  • 'GQ' Partners With CB2 On Furniture Collection

    The collaboration took inspiration from cities "with iconic architecture, from Chicago to Palm Springs," on products that range from sofas to barstools. Read the whole story

  • Is Former Googler John Giannandrea Pushing Apple Toward A Better Search Engine?

    Apple users seeing smarter web answers are wondering whether John Giannandrea, former Google SVP of engineering, has something to do with the changes. Read the whole story

  • Correction: Vox-Intel Contest Closed July 29

    The August 28, 2019 Publishers Daily article “Vox Creative Creates 'Smartest Brain' Campaign, Intel Sponsors” incorrectly reported the ‘Smartest Brain’ contest ended on August … Read the whole story