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Tuesday, September 27, 2011
  • Social Media Marketers Put Premium On WOM Reviews

    It turns out that social media marketers value certain types of user-generated content over others. What do they value most? Product reviews and ratings, ... Read the whole story

  • Clearspring CEO McGrory Touts Data, Social

    Former Yahoo exec Ramsey McGrory just found a new home as CEO of social-media software company Clearspring. He says data and social are leading ... Read the whole story

  • Marketers, Facebook Is Not About You

    Facebook's f8 event last week will have lasting ramifications for the network's 800 million users. It will also have implications for brands, but the ... Read the whole story

  • Five Signs Social Video Is Closing The Online Ad Spending Gap

    We've long heard about the sizable gap -- currently estimated at $60 billion -- between what marketers spend on brand advertising on the Web, ... Read the whole story

  • The Future of Paid, Earned and Owned Media is Social

    One proven way to increase effectiveness and lower your costs is earned media coupled with social optimization. With the social share button being one ... Read the whole story

  • Live Music Fans Love Social Sharing

    The live music experience is proving to be an extremely sharable one, says Russell Wallach, President of Live Nation Network. By the numbers (the ... Read the whole story

  • Editing A Social World

    Is social media making individual editors obsolete? Well, MTV Networks doesn’t think so, and, according to its EVP of Digital Media Dermot McCormack, MTV ... Read the whole story