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Friday, February 8, 2013
  • Chocolate Brands: Buzz Versus 'Love'

    With Valentine's Day approaching, NetBase analyzed consumers' social media conversations about eight chocolate brands over the past year. Turns out that Hershey's has been ... Read the whole story

  • Study Reveals Brands With Loyal Facebook Fans

    A surprising survey reveals that a non-profit tops the list of brands with the most loyal Facebook fans. LoudDoor, a Facebook Insights preferred marketing ... Read the whole story

  • LinkedIn Revs Rocket, Testing New Ad Format

    Professional networking site LinkedIn on Thursday reported revenue increased 81% in the fourth quarter, fueled by strong growth across all three of its key ... Read the whole story

  • Study: For Stores, Social Media Still A Bust

    A new global study from PwC reports that last year, only 12% of consumers bought anything through social media. But the survey did highlight ... Read the whole story

  • CTRs Higher In Search, Targeted Ads

    As far as Twitter advertising goes, Promoted Tweets that appear in response to user search queries are considerably more effective than less targeted Promoted ... Read the whole story