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Wednesday, November 27, 2013
  • NCM Helps Jeep Dream Big With Walter Mitty

    The campaign rides on a distribution network that travels far beyond the traditional in-cinema media footprint -- in NCM's case Regal, AMC and Cinemark. … Read the whole story

  • ESPN's Mobile Traffic Edges Desktop Again

    With the college football, NFL, NBA, and NHL seasons all underway in October, and the World Series in progress, ESPN saw its highest monthly … Read the whole story

  • Good Earth Tea In 'Untamed' Brand Makeover

    The makeover is designed to differentiate Good Earth Tea at a time of heightened competition in the packaged herbal teas market -- an environment … Read the whole story

  • Century 21 Offers 'Tryptophan Slow Jam'

    Century 21 has created a song and music video to celebrate the Thanksgiving turkey-induced haze.This is the brand's first foray into the animation and … Read the whole story

  • 3 Untapped Opportunities In The Race For Black Friday

    The race for Black Friday is officially on -- and retailers are spending and working hard to own the momentum. So how are they … Read the whole story

  • Cold, Calculated Playfulness

    If you thought the Pepsi Challenge was brass knuckle tactics, then strap in tight. The future holds the promise of pitched battles that start … Read the whole story

  • As Content And Conversation Become Advertising, Brands Must Have Personas

    Consumer brands often develop big brand bibles, but they are largely ineffective at helping companies navigate social media. That is because they lack authentic … Read the whole story

  • Looking For the Chat App Model, Kik Calls Up One Direction

    In a program with Sony built by IPG Media Lab, the mobile messaging app Kik tries to turn promotional content into conversation fodder. Ultimately, … Read the whole story