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Tuesday, April 24, 2012
  • TV Incentive Social Media Programs Gain Ground -- which has deals with Fox Broadcasting (for "New Girl"), Mark Burnett Productions, Oxygen TV, Virgin Produced -- says early data shows users … Read the whole story

  • Subscribers Jump At 'TV Network' Netflix

    Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is hammering home the idea that the company believes it is squarely in the TV business, saying that increased competition … Read the whole story

  • Sunday Remains Tough For Broadcasters

    Rolling into the final weeks of the season -- and right before the big May finales are set to commence -- Sunday nights continue … Read the whole story

  • On The Internet, Somebody Knows You're A Dog Watching TV In Bed

    On the Internet, time was that nobody knew you were a dog. In fact, there was a famous New Yorker cartoon that attested to … Read the whole story

  • CW's Loyal Viewers May Provide Clue To TV Stations' Future

    TV station execs continue to be angry that content and viewers are moving offline to digital sites. The CW, for example, now gets 25% … Read the whole story

  • Three-Quarters of Online Video Buyers Planning TV and Web Video Buys in Tandem

    Nearly two-thirds of marketers say they consider online video as a complement to TV rather than a replacement for TV, while only 10% look … Read the whole story