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Monday, June 25, 2012
  • Nielsen's TV Brand Effect Launches in China, Germany

    Nielsen has moved to a second European territory and Asia with its measurement product that gauges the effect a TV spot has on brand … Read the whole story

  • NBC's Initial Olympics 'Trials' Win Tepid Ratings

    Looking to entice sports viewers for its big August London Olympics push, NBC rolled out coverage of the U.S. Olympics Trials on Sunday. But … Read the whole story

  • Brands Line Up To Activate Against NBA Draft

    State Farm gets its name on the event logo, and throughout the arena and stage set up, during the live telecast on ESPN. State … Read the whole story

  • A La Carte Cable Scenario: Pricey, Fewer, And Less-Profitable Channels, Viewer Hunger?

    In an unbundled, a la carte cable TV world, you are looking at a much smaller selection of cable channels being profitable -- maybe … Read the whole story