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Friday, December 19, 2014
  • NBCUniversal Expands With Social Synch

    Looking to get more scale from all its social-media integrations, NBCUniversal has started "Social Synch." The effort seems to build and expand on the ... Read the whole story

  • Comcast's Xfinity Launches 4K TV App On Samsung TV

    Now Comcast's Xfinity media platform is launching Xfinity in UHD -- a new 4K TV app on 2014 Samsung 4K TVs. Comcast's own NBC ... Read the whole story

  • At Sears And Target, Caroling Makes A Comic Comeback

    The caroling video, the seventh in the series, Sears' Jamie Stein tells "Marketing Daily," "is a fun way to visualize social conversations and expand ... Read the whole story

  • How Many Subscription Services Can Consumers Add?

    Since viewers of traditional TV are continuing to enroll in digital subscription services like Netflix, former Hulu executive Jason Kilar believes digital viewers might ... Read the whole story

  • Sony's Surrender: The Sound And The Fuhrer

    It's hard to believe that the backstory surrounding "The Interview," the dimwitted bro-mance road movie that Sony Pictures ended up pulling from theaters Wednesday, ... Read the whole story

  • Are The North Koreans Wrong About 'The Interview'?

    This week my son and I had an entertaining debate about the Sony Pictures controversy. I thought his position was interesting enough that I ... Read the whole story

  • Cleaning The Dust Off TV Preconceptions

    When dust accumulates on an object, it loses its twinkle. Although the general form, purpose and value of the object are unchanged, it somehow ... Read the whole story

  • McDonald's 'Our Food. Your Questions.' Leaves More Questions Than Answers

    In a nifty bit of philosophical-nutritional synergy, while my mind was still fixed on burgers and mortality I happened upon the most recent video ... Read the whole story

  • Break Out The Egg Nog And Watch Some YouTube

    According to Tubular Labs, viewership of YouTube Christmas-themed videos is way up this year over last. It appears watching YouTube Christmas videos is becoming...a ... Read the whole story

  • How To Rock A Broadcast Event Takeover

    Did you watch the American Music Awards last month? Beyond the over-the-top performances and industry fanfare, one common theme that couldn't be missed was ... Read the whole story